Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Your Tuesday Calico!?!?

Hello friends! Well our little cousin Lenora came home from the hospital on Sunday and got to meet her sister cats. She has FOUR of them, which is WAY too many GIRL cats if you ask us!

Lenora and Lily-cat

Here she is with Lily, who (as you can see) is a Calico girl who has a LOT of catitude (like all Calico girls do).  Miss Lily is not afraid to get right up and sniff on her new human sister. 

We hope to sniff meet Lenora someday too. She'll have to come out here to California because we sure don't plan to travel to Illinois any time soon. We may Skype with her tomorrow, depending on her schedule. 

Happy Tuesday! xoxo, Raymond and Busby


  1. There are three of us girl cats here, and at one point the humans brought home a fourth because they were trying to find her a home... and yeah, four girlcats is too many!

    If someone brought over a tiny human kitten like that, I think just about all of us would want to give her a sniff. I bet they smell nice! Well, as long as their diapers are clean!

  2. Welcome home, Lenora! Lily cat looks very pretty. She is good to be brave: she will need that bravery when Lenora gets bigger!

  3. Ach! Crazy girl cats be gone! This is mancat territory.


  4. They are both pretty cute - we bet that human kid will have those kitties on the run in no time!

  5. Lenora and Lily are both cute :) Say, do you boys want a tabby sister...? ;-/


  6. It looks like Lily wants to crawl in with Lenora!

  7. She looks like she tastes good!

  8. Awwwww ... so cute! We can see why you guys want a calico sister of your own! :)


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