Monday, February 20, 2012

Mancat Monday

Hello friends! What are those things sticking out of my head? NEEDLES! I had some acupuncture on Friday! Yep, our Vet came to the house driving her ginormous vet office on wheels. She took blood and pee from my brother and me (hey, that rhymes!) and then she stuck needles all over me! Guess what? It calmed me down! (even though you wouldn't know it from looking at my FREAKED OUT eye balls in this photo. 

Oh this is fun. I like being used as a pincushion. 

Guess what else? My labs came back all good. Normal. My alkaline and my red blood cell count perfect. My weight is down nearly a pound, so I get to eat MORE food! My pee issues? Fine all weekend long. The vet and my Moms are thinking this may be a behavioral thing. The word "hyperthyroid" is still coming up, but my numbers were good. 

So, my Moms have noticed I am much more social since I am getting more to eat. They are thinking of getting Busby and I a heated cat bed, since they think I am cold at night. 

You know what? This peeing on the bed has been very rewarding for me. I suggest you ALL pee somewhere inappropriate and see if you get more food and heated beds too. 

xoxo, Raymond


  1. Disco peed on Clem's bed today...and he already has a heated bed, so maybe it's cuz of the diet, hahameow! We loves our heat pads, these are the kind Teri buys us...

  2. Yay fur good test results! Boo fur needles in your head. We has pooped in inappropriate places, but that hasn't really gotten us any pawsitive results.

  3. We will continue to purr for you, Raymond. It was very brave of you to allow those needles in your head! We think the whole thing was a big surprise, yes?

    Oh dear, peeing on electric heaty pads is not good. One of those pads, or the plastic disc thing, that is heated in the microwave would be better. Though a pad *might* get ruined, it wouldn't shock kitty. Thyroid numbers at the high end of normal, in an older cat, may be too high. It is a gray area; more detailed thyroid testing may be in order.

  4. I've had acupuncture too, Ray, but my human couldn't tell if it was helping me or not. But yeah, I had those needle things all over my body and the worst part was having to sit still. Maybe the stress of having to travel to the clinic to have it done negated the effects for me. You are lucky you had it done at home.

  5. That is very cool that your vet could come and give you your treatment at home. We hope the acupuncture continues to help out your behavior re the bed peeing.

  6. Yay for good numbers!!!!
    Yay for more food AND a heated bed!!!!!
    Stay well Ray!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  7. We think your Moms are the greatest, despite the needles! We hope the acupuncture helps cure your anxiety--we're interested in how long it lasts.

  8. We are so glad that acupuncture seems to be helping you, Raymond. Those needles sticking out of you *do* look a little wacky, but as long as they don't hurt, we're cool with it!

    Yay for no pee issues over the weekend. And YAY for a new heated cat bed! :)

  9. Oh man! Dude you look like you is in need of some serious relaxation there buddie! Glad to hear the acute pincushioning worked!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

    PeeSsss; we LOVE the heaty pad thingies. Makes me all warm and tingly just thinking about it!

  10. Wow, Ray! You are very brave to let them stick needles in your head. But if it helps, we are all for it!! Glad you are doing better and your blood reports are normal!! It does sound like it must be a behavioral thing since most everything else has been ruled out.

  11. So happeee your tests were normal. Are those sticks making your eyes big?
    Benny & Lily

  12. Raymond, I am still having accidents where I am sleeping and so far I haven't gotten anything but sighs and grumbles from mom...she must be a tough sell. glad your are doing better! Purrs,


  13. Ray, darling, Spitty and I could NOT BE HAPPIER to read such wonderful, splendid, magnificent news. We is smiling and purring and cheering. XOXOXO


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