Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Stroll with Special Guest!

Hello! My name is Rex and my Mom works with Raymond and Busby's Mom at Renee's Garden Seeds ! Renee's sells some of the best Heirloom & Gourmet Vegetable, Flower and Herb seeds that you can buy. I'm actually protecting a whole flock of seed packets in this photo!

Protecting the seeds is a very important job!

As you can see from this Crocus, SPRING is coming! That means it's time to buy seeds!

YOU can help the wonderful shelter where our friend Jonesie's Mom volunteers by using the code FR227A when you purchase seeds on Renee's website! 25% of the cost of each order will be added up and at the end of the year United Paws will get a nice donation check from Renee's Garden. Cool, huh?

So what are you waiting for? Orders some seeds! Help a great charity and grow a gorgeous garden this season!

Woofs! Rex-Dog!


  1. Wow Rex...our Grete is wondering how she could get a cool job like that! Herding seeds must be really important work. Thanks for getting the meows and woofs out there. We're grateful for wonderful companies like Renee's that have generous fundraising programs.



    pee ess...sending purrs to Raymond

  2. Hi Rex! :waves paws: We did a special Rennee seed post today too! xx

  3. Hi ya, Rex! What a nice way for Renee to help the animals!!

  4. Hi Rex, my bro Jimi stay in my blog today!!!

  5. You are vry handsome Rex! Sigh....if we only had a garden!

    Stop by my Commentathon today, you could win $ for yor favorite animal charity!

  6. awww, yous so pretty...but about that dog! I have a doggie-brother and he picks on me; would your dog do that?

  7. We hope lots and lots of seeds get sold and also that United Paws gets lots and lots of funds this way to help animals. We have put the badge on our bloggie.


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