Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Garden Stroll

Hello from deep inside my tent! We actually have a (very small) garden stroll today! Follow me to our spare bedroom. (aka-the greenhouse!)

Mom got our Eggplants started! We can't plant anything outside until our nights are consistently 50 degrees, and that is a few weeks away. So we are getting a head start indoors. 

Here are our baby tomatoes! All the seeds are from Renee's Garden of course, since that is the awesome seed company our Mom works for. 

Don't forget when you buy from Renee's Garden to use the coupon code FR227A so that United Paws gets 25% of every order at the end of the year!

xoxo, Busby


  1. Mom says the baby plants are the purrfect post fur Thursdays in the Garden! So ready fur spring! xoxo

  2. Eggplant! My human is so envious - she LOVES eggplant! But she can barely grow catnip, so she doesn't even want to try anything more ambitious.

  3. Thank you for the greenhouse tour, Busby. Those little eggplant plants are looking good! :)

  4. How cool that you have an indoor garden!! Don't dig in the dirt!!

  5. We love your tent, great hideaway. Your garden is looking good
    Benny & Lily

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  7. You are such good cats...remembering to promote the seed code!

    xoxo Jonesie

    pee ess...I need to remember to do that too!


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