Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Toes on Tuesday

Do you like my little coffee bean toes? We had some sun today, but now they say we will have some more rain. That's fine with us, we need the rain here on the Central Coast of California. 

How is your weather? We know our Grandmother in Indiana had very hot weather last week, it was like Summer there. Very unusual for March. 

Happy Toesday! xoxo, Raymond


  1. It looks to me like we will be missing your next rainstorm, Ray! Maybe my human will finally get to go have her car washed.

  2. your toes are just delightful!

    I am in Michigan and we were so warm it was kind of freaky. 70s and 80s for nearly 2 weeks.

    Today we are down in the 40s...by Wed 65 again...it is unreal!

  3. We could sure use some rain here. Last week is was like totally summer hot and today it is wicked pissah cold. What the heck?


  4. Mom loves your coffee beanie toesies, Ray! We had some nice warm weather last week, but now it's turned cold again!! Wacky weather for sure!!

  5. Ray! Lookit those toes?!?!? My Human is nearly weeping with longing to nibble dem. Lucky for you, she can't, MOL!

  6. Wonderful toes, Raymond! Send your rain this way when you're done with it!

  7. Don't use up all the rain...send some down to us! Our Mommy would like to squeeze your footsie and splay your toes...she does an awesome pad massage.

  8. Hmmmm.... I love your toes!!!!!
    Here the Autumn starts and the cold arrived!

  9. Look at those tootsies---looks like Dancing With the Stars toes to me!! :)


  10. We love your toes, but Mom loves them more ;)
    We had summer last week and are having winter this week.
    Spring would be nice !!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ


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