Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Stroll with Special Guests!

Hello friends! We are strolling in the neighborhood today! Let's get going!

This tart of a Tortie cat tried to get our Moms to bring her home. The nerve! You can tell she is a saucy girl. Just look at that face!

"Hello! Would you like me to come live at your house?" (lucky for us, she has a family all ready!)

There was an Easter frog down the street. He didn't give us any candy. 

The Calla Lilies are in bloom just outside our back door. They grow like weeds here!

No, this isn't Busby! We saw his twin cat on this fence and we were trying to figure out what this cat was looking at. 

Then we saw this! It's a peacock! It was roosting on a roof near the place where our Grandmother lives. That cat was trying to sneak up on it. We have never seen a peacock running around loose before. 

Last but not least, this beautiful Camellia in full bloom. So pretty!

Happy Thursday friends! xoxo, Raymond and Busby


  1. What a beautiful camellia! And who would ever think that you'd see a peacock on the roof?

  2. The Human wonders if your Mom was channeling Katharine Hepburn saying "The caaaahllah lilleez R in bluum" when she typed that?

    That little tortie is quite a hussy!! Imagine inviting herself home! As if!

  3. Wow, you have a peacock in your neighborhood? I bet that Busby copycat would really have liked to hook his claws into that!

    Tell your humans to ignore that tortie. They are trouble - I live with one so I know!

  4. Thank you for that delightful neighbourhood walk!

    The Chans

  5. Oh wow, a Busby twin! That tortie girl looks like Figaro's momma...

    What a great walkie!

  6. that is a great walk. we are glad the tortie girl has a home and we bet chasing the peacock would have been fun!!

  7. i don'tz get it. 'running around loose' those are birds ya? I say the Buzby twin (actually you are just getting a glimpse into a parallel world, it really is Buz) is just biding his time, waiting for bird to get all comfy so he can sneaks up and catch that danged thing all unawares! He better be careful tho, they make an awful racket!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  8. That was a fun walk! We 'specially liked seeing that peacock! We like playing with peacock feathers!

  9. we love those Lily thing flowers
    Benny & Lily


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