Friday, January 14, 2011

Frootbat Friday with Special Guest: Pixie!

Hello friends! The Mighty Frootbat here! I hope you like this semi-profile shot of my ginormous frootbats! As Monty Python would say, and now for something completely different... 

This is Pixie! She's a six year old Boston Terrier. She belongs to one of the women who works where my Mom is having her physical therapy. (for her poorly arm-as Milo and Alfie would say) Pixie has some pretty sorry excuses for frootbats. We don't know much about dogs. Is this a breed thing? Do they actually still "dock" doggie's ears? If you know, let us know. 

We do think Pixie is super cute. Even though she was kinda gassy when Mom took this photo. She actually farted and then kinda made a snorty sound and got up and ran away, leaving Mom engulfed in her stinky gas. Ha ha ha!

Happy Friday friends! We only have five entries (as we post this) in the Kitteh category of the Mango Minster 2011, so get your entry in by January 30th. Only the first twenty entries are accepted. Click on the MM logo in our top right margin to enter. 

xoxo, Raymond and Pixie


  1. Pixie sure is a cutie. And yes we love the profile
    Benny & Lily

  2. Pixie is very cute ~ and we larfed at the farting. When Alfie was a baby-kitten he used farting as a from of self defence. If a visitor picked him up, he would fart-stinky big time, then the visitor would quicky put him down and he would run to mom. MOL! He's growed owt of it now ~ unless he really dislikes the visitor.

  3. I fart sometimes. Really quiet and really smelly. It's funny to watch mum and dad's faces!

  4. Those are some great profile frootbats, Raymond! And Pixie is funny! We have a neighbor woofie that's a Boston Terrier...her name is Tammy. But we don't know if she farts...haha!

  5. We've never heard of docking Boston Terrier ears. How strange! As far as we know, docking is still allowed in the States although it is now illegal across the European community.

    We submitted our kitteh category entry! Go BIBI!

    The Chans

  6. Pixie is very cute. I think she looks embarrassed that she made a stinky!

  7. We think you win the Frootbat battle, Raymond! Pixie is very cute though! We think doggies must fart all the time (they aren't nearly as dignified as us!)!

  8. Pixie is a cutie, even if she is a tootie! Y'all have a great weekend!!!

  9. ummmm - that dog is kinda silly looking with pretty sad froot bats. but sounds like she got your mom pretty good.

  10. Pixie is a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Friday, Bus and Ray....have a really good weekend, sweet friends.


  11. I never fart but the dog we had for awhile certainly DID.

    And let us not even TALK about my Peoples! ;-)

    Paws 'n Claws,

  12. We loves the froo ears, Raymond! It is a pleasure to meets Pixie!


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