Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Dibs and Dabs

Hello friends! For those of you who saw the mousie sneaking up on Raymond earlier this week, this was the outcome! 

Just keep your voice down mousie and let me nap! I am a very busy Judge these days. 

In other news, lovely payola packages have been arriving at our house ever since the news broke that we are judging the Kitteh category of Mango Minster 2011 !
Oooh, Tiffany! Crystal bowls for we esteemed judges to eat from, no doubt!

Somecat (we won't mention any names) sent us 30 bags of Greenies! You can see Judge Busby was stunned by such a generous bribe, er, uh, GIFT. 
Wow, this cat's entry in the Mango Minster just started moving way up in the rankings. 
Finally, in news of a personal nature, our blog Mom finally got a job! Yes, after ten months of virtual unemployment our Mom had a second interview yesterday at Renee's Garden Seeds and GOT THE JOB! She will be their Data Entry Specialist. Word is she gets to bring home whatever seeds she wants. Our Thursday garden reports should be a lot more colorful this year! 

All in all, a great day! Hope you are enjoying your Thursday too. Don't forget, only the first twenty entries can compete in each category of the Mango Minster. We look forward to seeing your bribes entries. As judges, we cannot comment on the entries but we are reading them as they come into Mango-Central. 

xoxo, Judges Raymond and Busby


  1. This is all great news! Do you think your human will get any special strains of catnip seeds?

  2. WOW! So crime does pay? Erm .. we mean being a judge IS rewarded!

  3. What excellent news on the work front! After Khyra's Mom, you are the second of our friends who is kicking off 2011 with a new job. Hurray!

    Bibi would like to say he is sending you nothing more than a deep bow of respect to honour your position as judges, since he is a fine pure-hearted kitty!

    The Chans

  4. Congrats to your mom! That is super news.

    As for the bribes... hmmmm... some kittehs are bad sports. Wait a minute, aren't all kittehs bad sports? Well, you are just the right felines to suss out the true champions.


  5. We had heard that you were judging US. We shall have to save our allowance so we can send you a proper gift. Perhaps we could catch a real live mousie for you? Or would you prefer a goose? We has two large ones down at our pond.

    That is great about your Mom working at a seed place and getting to bring home seeds. We are looking forward to seeing what you grow in your garden this year.

  6. Hey, who beat us to, we mean, sending you some nice gifts??? We gotta come up with something other than greenies!!

    Congrats to your mom in getting the job!! You're garden is gonna be awesomer now!!

  7. Wow, a box of Greenies...that's quite the bribe. LOL.

    A big concats to your blogging mom on her job! We bet she'll have fun and are looking forward to summer garden posts!

  8. We haven't even entered the contest and we are feeling compelled to send you gifts anyway. I mean you might judge something in the future, right? But...I judged a contest once and no one sent me anything. Sigh. Not even a bit of cheese.

    Big concats to your blogging mom getting a great job!! Woo hoo! Niptinis for all!

  9. Shhhhhhh! Judge Raymond and mousey are napping!
    Enjoy the errr-gifts boyz!

  10. Tell your Mom congratulations !!!!

  11. That is really great news, hooray for your Mom!!! Oh the goodies are sure flowing your way now!

  12. Congrats to your Mom! Yay for employment, and with free seeds, no less -- what a terrific perk for the human slave of two such terrific feline gardeners! I hope the new job is everything you want it to be.

  13. Gee Ray, now that you are judge, you have made peace with that mouse??? heehee
    That loot you got looks SO good :)
    We think you guys will be great judges :)
    CONGRATS to your Mom!!! Bet she is over the moon
    too :) YAY for her!!Hmmm, now you guys might get more goodies!! hahahahaha
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  14. Wow! Looks like you guys are getting lots for being judges! Very good!

    And congrats to your mum re her new job!

  15. *whoa*
    look at all those Greenies!

    Concats to your Mom on the job!
    We are really happy for her.
    You know what that means?
    More Greenies.


  16. Congratulations to your bean for getting wurk! She'll be able to bring home efen more crystal bowls and Greenies for you!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  17. Hi cutie pies, we better introduce ourselves since your are the judges...
    Benny & Lily

  18. Somecats have good taste - great bribes, er, gifts!

    Concats to your Blog Mom! We like Rennee's Garden Seeds seeds, esp the kitty grass (we'd like the catmint too if our mom didn't always kill it!)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  19. Wonderful news all the way around! Congrats to your blog Mom. We can't wait to see your garden in the spring!

  20. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR MOM!!! Just saw this!

  21. As Your Honors know, or should have been advised in your judging packets, Abby [Legal Beagle(mix) Extraordinare] is the [self-appointed] Guardian of Judicial Ethics for Mango Minster 2011. Just to remind the honorable judges that bribery is strictly prohibited and that the highest standards of judicial ethics will be upheld during MM 2011. Your Honors being cats, Abby is aware that ethics is a concept with which you may have difficulty, so she will let this one deviation pass. Please be advised, however, that Abby's vigilant [or vigilante - sometimes she gets those confused] eyes will be upon you. And she has a VERY strong prey drive.

    Jed & Abby. L.B.E.


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