Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Stuff

Hey! What's this? So many of our pals left comments on our bloggie about my crystals. Many of you guys mentioned that having a drinking fountain might encourage me to drink more water.

Our friends Samson & Delilah told us they like their small Cat It fountain. Our Mom did some research and purchased it for me today. (well, for me and Raymond-I guess I'll have to share.)

I don't know whether I will drink from fountain or not, but I sure LOVE the box it came in!
Have a great Saturday everyone!


  1. That certainly is an outstanding box, Busby! And we hope you will enjoy the fountain too!

  2. Love the box, just right to try to squeeze into. Make sure you show us how you drink from it.

  3. We're on our second fountain - the first one was a cheaper model and we upgraded to a bigger/nice one.
    All the purries love it except Spooker, who will ONLY drink out of the same water bowl she's had since a kitten.
    The trick to a fountain - maintain/clean the pump REGULARLY of cat hair. You will NOT believe the amount of cat hair sucked into that thing. If the pump gets blocked it can die, and trust me, it's easier/cheaper to buy a WHOLE NEW fountain than try to order a pump from the manufacturer. And pet stores don't sell them (which is stupid, but anyhooo....).
    Hope your fountain's a hit!
    Mo & The Purries
    of Purrchance To Dream

  4. Let us know how that fountain works out. We don't have one but mom thinks maybe we should have one...

  5. I hope you enjoy the fountain. Mom bought one for me and I wouldn't use it.

  6. We always love to look at your handsome face, Busby=drink your water and feel better!!...We have a fountain and we love it!...That box looks just about the right size for a Saturday snooze...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. Great box, looks lke loads of fun to play with. I hope you like the fountain. Have a great weekend and drink!

  8. Hey, looks nice and we hope you will enjoy it and use it. Keep us posted. Happy Caturday dear friends. xxxxxxxx

  9. Let us know how the fountain goes. Tommy would like to get us one--but she thinks we may not all drink of it--we're parital to a bowl that's gotta be sitting by the washer.... :) GONE!


  10. Wow, your Mom works fast! We're not getting any money from Cat-It either but we love that one cuz it doesn't make noises like the other ones that scared us away and this one looks like a big bowl with moving water.

    We hope you love it as much as we do and it helps you drink more water!

    Oh, and the check is in the mail ;) hee hee

  11. Our six kitties love the fountains.
    The boys especially drink a lot more when the water is streaming down. They also like to give their toys a dunk.


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