Friday, October 8, 2010

Frootbat Friday

Hello friends! The BROTHER of the MIGHTY FROOTBAT here! Not sure where Ray box? window sill? Perhaps knocking things off the nightstands?
I would go look for Raymond,
but I am WAY too busy to go looking for him right now.
My frootbats will have to satisfy your frootbatty needs today!
I hope they are sufficient!

By the way friends, we're going to be doing a product review for the good folks at the CSN stores sometime in the next week or so. About a month after that (say, late November or early December) we will be giving away a nice CSN gift code,
just in time for Christmas!

Have a great Friday friends!
xoxo, The Mighty Frootbat's blue-eyed Brother Busby


  1. We're very satisfied with your frootbatty goodness, Busby!

  2. You my friend, are an excellent rep for frootbats everywhere!!

  3. Your frootbats are fine, Busby! Let sleeping blackcats lie!

    You never know, maybe Dad WOULD come and stain your deck! Can't complain about your location, and I am sure he would enjoy a trip to California. But right now he is away from home for 10 days, so I can't even ask him!

  4. You do pretty well at the frootbats Busby!

  5. Great Frootbats! And we hope Raymond didn't break anyfin!

  6. Busby, never mind the froot bats, our mom is swooning at your gorgeous blue eyes! :-)

  7. Busby your frootbats are more than sufficient! i see that you are busy, but doing what I wonder? :)

  8. Hi, Bus, we can see how busy you are!!!! When you see Ray please tell him howdy from us too.

    And we purr that y'all will have a fantastic weekend.

  9. Yes Busby I can see you are VERY busy! Have a great weekend boys :-)

  10. Busby you have FURBULOUS FRoot Bats!

  11. Busby, we can'y get past your bloo bloo eyes! Handsome, dude, handsome!

    And what's this about Ray being a nightstand knocker? (We just had to say that!)

  12. Those are some mighty fine froot bats!

    Your pal,

  13. We love your frootbats, Busby!! And them blue eyes of yours!!

    You guys are becoming regular spokecats for CSN Stores. They should put your picture on their website!!

  14. Hi, handsome Bus, you've got great frootbats too!...We are going to do a review/giveaway with CSN in a few weeks too; we've never done it before but thought it would be nice to give a gift certificate away!...Hope you handsome boys have a fun weekend with your wonderful Moms...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  15. Busby
    You make all of us girls swoon over your handsomeness!



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