Saturday, October 9, 2010

Photo Hunt: Stripes

Hello friends! Today's  theme is STRIPES. We thought some photos of our 
older sister, Tout de suite, 
would be purrrfect for this theme!  
(we called her Toot, 
but her nickname was Stripey.)

Our Mom adopted Toot in 1984 from a farm family who was giving away free kittens. Toot was the runt of the litter.
Like our Mom, Toot was from Northwest Indiana.
Toot moved with our Mom from Indiana to San Francisco in 1988. Toot loved to talk (A LOT) and she liked to have one drip of half and half every morning when Mom had her coffee. 

Doesn't Toot have great STRIPES? Toot was 20 years old with Raymond and I came to live here in our forever home. She ruled the house with an iron paw covered in velvet! She went to the bridge at the magnificent age of 22. Toot was the Queen!

Thanks for checking out our Photo Hunt today! Are you playing Photo Hunt too? Leave us a Linky below so we can come see your take on today's theme. xoxo, Busby and Raymond


  1. Toot sounds like a fabulous lady who never stepped down from her throne. I admire that in a kitty.

  2. I think Toot is such a beautiful kittie. We look so much alike I am wondering if we are related. she could be one of my ancestors. We also are from the state. I live in eastern Indiana but maybe the family moved around in Indiana. I bet Toot was a great kittie!!!

  3. Toot had pawsome stripes. She looks very regal and lovely. What a terrific take on today's Photo Hunt.

  4. Toot was very purrty!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  5. Toot had super duper stripes! 22 is a marvelous age to have reached.

  6. I love Toot's stripes! What a happy cat for so many years and lucky, too!

  7. Toot looks like she was quite the kitty! We like a dot of cream in the morning,'s the mark of a Verreh Good Cat.
    She's a fantastic example of "stripes".

  8. Toot was a gorgeous girl with such a sweet face=there is so much love in her eyes!...She was indeed a special girl!...We know her loss was devastating to your Moms and you lovely boys; we never stop missing the babies that came before...Sending you all big hugs...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. Beautiful Girl! Bet yer mum was more than devastated to have to say 'Goodby for now' when Ms. Toots needed to go. Lovely striped Queen is right! And fanks for visiting MY blog; I let That Woman post about herself but I'll be back soon!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  10. Queen Toot! Yes indeed. How regal you wore your stripes :)

  11. Toot was a cutie...and yeah, she had great stripes!!! What a long life she had!!

  12. Toot and her throne look so perfect beauty : )
    Everyday Mr Puddy

  13. How cool is that, Toot lived to be a magnificent 22! So...I'm wondering, since I'm learning about trees and stuff and they have rings inside...were all of Toots stripes representing her 22 years? Inquiring cats wanna know.

  14. 20 years old? No wonder she was the boss kitteh. I have stripes too. I think that those are the best kinds of furs.



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