Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday at the Farmers Market

Hello friends! I'm hiding out up here on our cat tree. The VET was here on Tuesday and took some of my BLOOD! She ran some lab tests to make sure my little "problem" is not physical. My blood work all came back fine today, but I need to give her a urine sample on Friday. Blah. 

Our garden is in pretty sorry shape. We had some rain last weekend that left our Cosmos looking rather battered. So today, instead of a garden stroll, we are going to stroll in our local Farmers Market!

Our farmers market is every Saturday all year round from 8am - Noon. We are lucky, we live very close to the Salinas Valley, which is one of the largest agricultural areas in the US. It's nickname is "The Salad Bowl of America". We have many other farmers markets here in Santa Cruz county, but this is our favorite one and it's the closest to our house.

These beautiful green beans are also called Haricot Verts. (at least that's what our friends at Le Poupounette would call them!) Our Moms think they are delicious.

This famers sells all kinds of veggies, in all different colors. 

Fruits and vegetables are not the only thing at the market. There are also beautiful flowers, bread, organic meat, honey, pastries, eggs and cats for adoption! Mom will try to get some new photos this weekend so we can share more of our market with you. 

We had a heck of a time posting this blog entry! We use the "new" blogger and it is so frustrating when we are trying to add photos to our blog. It won't let us put the photos where we want, and everytime we tried to add a caption, the photo would move! Any other bloggers having issues? We're curious. (after all, we're cats!)

Have a most excellent Thursday friends! 

xoxo, Raymond


  1. What a great farmer's market near your place! Fresh produce is the best. We didn't know there was a "new" blogger and are sorry to hear it's causing problems. Aren't new things supposed to be improoved? Ts, ts, ts... Surely they will work on eventual starter issues.
    Siena & Chilli

  2. That's a wonderful farmer's market!

    We are still using the old Blogger version and it is hearing comments like yours that makes us want to stick with it!

  3. What an awesome market. We wish we had a farmer's market nearby. We'd love to see pics of the stand wiv "cats too adopt" pics on it.

    We're glad yoor results were good Raymond.

  4. I use the new blogger but I have a Flickr account and that is where I post my pictures from, so I never have any problems.

  5. How lucky you are to have a farmer's market year round! Ours is just a few weeks of every year.

    ps: We still use "old" blogger to post because we couldn't get the hang of the new style.

  6. Hi Raymond.

    We're glad your blood work is normal and will cross our paws for your UA.

    The farmers' market is great; we have one here behind City Hall every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday until it gets too cold. Lots of great stuff--food, flowers, craft, jewelry, etc.

    We are using Blogger in Draft, with our own modified HTML code, so not one of the templates, and have been okay with it.

  7. Your vet comes to your house? That is horrible! We thought we were safe as long as we were in our home! We are glad that your blood work was all good, Ray. We're hoping it is something that is easily correctable!

    What an awesome market. We live in a French part of Canada, so we also call them Haricots Verts!

  8. Fantastic farmers market...we didn't make it to our local one nearly as often as we would have liked this year.

    Try to give your sample freely on Friday Ray, otherwise the vet will take it from you!

  9. Poor Ray!!!!!!!!! How unlucky you are to have a vet that visits you at home!!!!!!! It's bad enough to have to go to the vet, but to have them invade your home???????? We are purring that all tests will turn out A-ok for you.

    Our mama uses the new blogger editor and loves it and thinks it's much easier to use than the old one......can she help your mama with it? Our email is so tell your mom she's welcome to write our mama.

  10. I love farmer markets. I hope your tests come out ok. Yesterday there was a notice about photos not going to work due to maintenance, that might be the reason.

  11. Aw, Ray, we're sorry that the v-e-t is stealing your bloods and pees. Maybe if you just stop peeing on the bed, they will leave you alone! We know, easier said than done....

    Thanks for the tour of your Farmer's Market. We have Farmer Markets here too...not nearly as big as yours...but they open so early in the morning and our mom is too lazy to get up early and go.

  12. Farmer's Markets are so cool, lots of good stuff to whiff! I hope you start feeling better so the vet can leave you alone!

  13. Mom sure would enjoy that farmer's market and Mom loves the green beans too. We hope the kitties are in the shade......Kassey

  14. Issues? Are you kidding? We are using blogger classic thank you very much because new blogger sucks.

    Hey! That urine sample getting sounds like it might be a bit unpleasant. I hope that is the end of it and no more medical issues.


  15. Great Farmer's Market ! my mom love this kind of market too. Fresh stuffs

    By the way, Ray, I hope you feel better


  16. We are still using the old blogger but did use the new one when we posted on the Livestrong blog. We didn't have any problems, but we think we'll stick with the old version.

    We loved the pics of the Farmer's Market. Mom loves a salad with crispy steamed haricot verts!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  17. Wow that farmers market looks amazing, how lucky you are to have it so close by!

    I sometimes have the problems you mentioned, so I switch back and forth between the compose and edit HTML tabs to get the cursor positioned for text and for pictures I just cut and paste the code from wherever it landed to the placement I want. As for captions, if you click the bottom right edge of the picture the field for adding a caption or moving the image will appear. Sammy and Andy's mum probably knows a better way, mine just evolved from trial and error :-)

  18. Gee Raymond
    We're not even sure if we are using the old or new.We post 99% of our stuff from Picasa and it's so easy peasy. We hate messing with Blogger as there are so many issues, and Mom is technically challenged.

    We hopes you just pees straight on the Vet and that'll show em how you feel about giving a sample.


  19. Hiya R&B!!!
    How are my two favorite Cats by the Sea?!
    Long time no SEA! get it?!?!? : )
    I heard it's your blogoversary... Happy, Happy!
    Sorry I've been incommunicado lately. It's all Glogirly's (and her new job's) fault. But I'm back! Hope to see you soon.

    (Glogirly's Cat(

  20. Boy that must be a nightmare to have a vet follow you around!


    Paws crossed your pees are OK and your Moms can help you be friends with the box again.


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