Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tocktober Fest!

Hi friends! We were going to post photos of our (but)'tocks in honor of our friend Derby's birthday. Then when we tried to do that we saw that blogger was down for two hours of maintenance (last night). We tried again, about and hour and a half AFTER blogger was supposed to be back on line, but it was still down!

So...use your imaginations and pretend these are our tocks!

         ( : )        ( : )

Have a great Wednesday everyone! xoxoxo, Raymond and Busby

PS: Ray is still having some inappropriate urination (you  know, peeing on the guest bed) so our Vet came over on Tuesday afternoon and took some blood and did a physical. Ironically, even after Mom giving Ray Sub-Q fluids, the Vet couldn't get a urine sample. So, we will see her again on Friday just for a urine sample. (she got about three drops today) The Vet also recommended Bach Flower Essence instead of the Feliway. We'll keep you all posted. We are 99% sure this is emotional and not physical, but keep your paws crossed about that 1%.

PEE ESS ESS! Blogger just came back up as we were typing this! So here are our 'tock photos! Happy birthday Derby!


  1. 'Bout time Blogger let you show your tocks!

    Raymond, I hope the vet is able to help with whatever is up with you. Even if it is emotional, it still means you feel bad, it's just that you feel bad emotionally.

  2. We liked your imaginary 'tocks too!

    Ray, we're purring that your tests go well!

  3. I am glad blogger finally cooperated for you. Great manly 'tocks. Ray, I hope things improve regarding your peeing issues. Chill, Man.

  4. We thought those first tock "pics" were hilarious!

    Your vet came over? To your house? Seriously? That NEVER would happen here. Well, maybe for a whole lotta extra $$.

    Paws crossed that there's nothing physically wrong with Raymond. We think you said he can't wear a calming collar, but what about Feliway? You've tried it and it wasn't effective? Mom can't quite remember. Good luck!

  5. Outstanding tocks, but the conceptual rendering was good too - LOL!!!

  6. The ferst tocks pics made us larf and larf!!!

    We are sending Raymond healing purrs. PURRS.

  7. Oh yeah, Bach Remedy is meant to be really good! We have looked around briefly before for our Pricilla... We hope you find something really good.
    We hope that Ray gets rid of whatever is causing his stresses...
    Nice tocks!!
    Purrrrs, Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla & Yuji

  8. What handsome tocks!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sweet Ray, we are purring that it is just emotional and nothing physical.

    Love to y'all.

  9. YAY!! We love your 'tocks pictures!!!

    Ray, we're sorry you're still having peeing issues. We hope the Bach flower remedies help. We also used Spirit Essences which you can read about at spiritessences dot com. Very similar to the Bach flower remedies but we think are a little better.

    Hey, and regarding our ladder...we use it all the time!! We LOVE it!!!

  10. LOL & MOL! The first set of 'tocks had us rolling! And the second set had us admiring.

    Ray, just pee for the vet and get it over with...that's Grayce's advice.

  11. You boys both have handsome tocks!


  12. We hope Ray is ok; love the tock shots, handsome boys...Our Mommy has been interviewing for a new job and if she starts working more hours on Nov. 1, we won't be able to comment everyday, but we will keep up with you, sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. HAHAHAHA, love the tock shots and emotitocks!

  14. We did love the emotitocks, but there's nothing like the real thing. Glad Blogger cooperated.

    Ray, we hope everything is ok with you. We have worked with a behaviorist in the past when peeing was not related to an illness and it can help a whole lot! Are there introoders in your yard?

  15. Those are very modest photos. I sure hope that Ray gets things working properly again. Cat pee is not something they sell at Yankee Candle so I doubt the humans appreciate the odor.



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