Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Garden Stroll

SET LASERS TO STUN! Oh! Hello friends! I was just  checking out Raymond's sock full of Valerian. I HAVE NOT been licking it and rubbing it with my face and drooling all over it for the last fifteen minutes and playing Star Trek. Not me. No way!

Just a few plants are still presentable in the garden these days. Let's stroll!

This is the Bolivian Fushia. It lives in our side yard. It needs ZERO water during the Summer which is good because here in Capitola we don't get any rain in the Summer. Our rainy season usually starts in late October and if we are lucky runs until April or May. 
The Pink Hibiscus is doing great. Pretty soon my Mom will cut it back for Winter. 

In the backyard, two types of Yarrow. This one is called Paprika Yarrow. The butterflies love it. 

This is a Yellow Yarrow. (of course!) The Yarrow does well without much water too. We try to plant things that don't need much water since we live in an area that has seen lot's of drought over the years. 

Some people don't think we get "seasons" here in California, but we do! You can tell by looking at our neighbor's yard that it's Autumn!

Raymond and I want to thank EVERYONE for making our Sixth birthday so lovely! We did a lot of cuddling yesterday. Plus we got some new toy mice! (photos at a later date!)

Thanks for taking the Garden Stroll with us today friends!
Don't forget to visit the other members of the SFG today!

xoxo, Busby 


  1. Greetings dear Raymond and Busby,

    Your mum has many wonderful flowers of colour still blooming for you to enjoy. Ours have been gone for weeks and so we don not show much other than me inspecting the garden.

    Glad to know you had a great BD. Will look forward to your pic's.

    Best wishes,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  2. Hi boys, fanks for taking me on a nice garden stroll. Yoor flowers are awesome ~ and yoo are very sensible to plant fings that are suited to a dry climate.

    Love Alfie Marshall xx

  3. So beautiful flowers and leaves...Your Garden is awesome and I like your photo. you two look cute !

  4. Silly humans are clueless about California seasons - they are totally there. I can smell them! Even my human smells the changes in seasons, but then she is a second generation Los Angeles native, so she's especially attuned to them.

  5. we think your coats a so silky. The red leaves were lovely and still so many flowers in the garden. Love Darcy and Bingley xx

  6. Your garden still looks really great, boys! We're glad you had a great birthday!

  7. What the heck? Did my lazy mom let me miss your birthday? Happy Birthday! I think those upside down flowers are really cool. Especially since they don't need water.


  8. That fushia is really interesting!! Most of our flowers are gone now and mom put some mums and other fall plants out now.

  9. Hi Boys, great garden tour! Your Bolivian Fushia is so beautiful I have not seen that. I don't know if you have Russian Sage in your garden but it is drought resistant, smells good and grows quite high with tiny purple flowers :-)

  10. Wow, your flowers look so wonderful! We especially loved the Bolivian Fushia - it's so pretty! We were really amazed to see the hibiscus and then the red maple leaves on the ground at the same time! What a great juxtaposition you have!

  11. Those flowers are furry kool! And were guessing that you guys don't get any snow there. Well, if yer up to come see some..come to our house when it snows! It's so fun to watch! We had a great time at your PAWTY...

  12. Hi, Bus and Ray!!

    Isn't it great to live in a climate where you can have flowers most of the year????? Well, guess we can have them all the year down about you?????

    Mama loved the hibiscus, it's one of her favs.

    What a wonderful pic of the two of you cuddled up....hain't life grand??????


  13. Such a lovely far back to you cut your hibiscus? We are trying to keep ours alive this winter and were wondering. Glad you had a great birthday...can't wait to see pics of you playing!

  14. Your garden is still exceptionally beautiful. Ours has about gone to sleep for the season. Your purrday was superb!

    Just relax and chill today!

  15. Lovely garden tour, sweet Busby...We had a great time at your party, thanks for inviting us!...Adorable photo of you handsome boys=we had no idea you were so much larger than your brother, Bus...kisses, precious friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  16. You guys did a great tour and gave Mommy some ideas. She's going to check out that Fuschia to maybe try at our house.

    Busby, are you a LOT bigger than Raymond or is that photo deceiving?

  17. LOL @ the valerian! :-D

    Your garden blooms are still so lovely; we really enjoyed the tour!

  18. Boy, your garden is looking lovely! I think it would be cool to have a garden club meeting in your yard and we could all take turns whapping the lovely fuschia!

    xoxo Cory

    Pee Ess...don't tell Jonesie I said that!

  19. Mom says fuschias and hibiscus are some of her favorites! Glad you had a good 6th birthday.

  20. I so happy to finds fellow trek geek kittehs!

    I lub ur garden it do looks like a bootiful alien planet.

    I hopes u had a wunnerful wunnerful birfaday!


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