Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Very Wordy Wednesday: Our Sixth Birthday!

Hello friends! 
It all started with our Mom-cat, the beautiful Nell. Nell was rescued from an animal shelter in Northern California 
by Pacific Siamese Rescue. 
Nell was pregnant with US (and our brother Leo) 
when she was rescued. 
(This was discovered when they took Nell to get spayed.)

Here we are! Six years ago! Of course you can recognize Raymond. Busby is in the middle and Leo is on the right.
We moved to Capitola when we were tiny kittens and fostered by a friend of our Moms, Auntie Stephanie. Our Moms knew they were going to be adopting us, they even got to name us when we were tiny kittens! 
This is Busby's very first photo!
Here is tiny baby Raymond.  (Ray was the runt of the litter.)
This is Busby's adoption photo from the Pacific Siamese website. Our foster Mom always dresses up her adoptable kittens in colorful collars to make them even MORE alluring on the website. 
This is Raymond's adoption website photo. His eyes turned from blue to green to gold as he grew up. 
We had a great two months at our foster home! Our forever Moms came to visit everyday. They helped socialize Nell & Leo (our brother) too. They would come and play with us in our private suite at Auntie Steph's house. 
Auntie Steph was a great foster Mom. She used to keep things interesting by making us forts out of cardboard boxes! 
Our Moms always knew they were going to adopt ME because they love black cats.
 But they had to choose between Leo and Busby.
Busby and I were always playing together,
so they choose Busby!
(plus Busby totally charmed them with his blue eyes!)
Here we are the day we came to our forever home!
We were the best Christmas presents EVER!
Here's Busby as a young catboy,
as his points got darker and darker. 
Here's Ray, growing into his frootbatty ears!
Not much has changed! We still like to wrestle and play together!
We have never spent more than a few hours apart!
What lucky boys we are!

We also want to mention that our Mom, Nell and our brother Leo were both adopted and have wonderful forever homes too!
Thank you for coming by to celebrate our sixth birthday. We love all of our blog friends and are happy to be a part of the blogosphere. To find out more about Pacific Siamese Rescue, the group that saved our lives six years ago, visit their website HERE. Who knows, a little pair of kitten-boys (or girls) might be waiting for you to adopt them! (tell them Raymond and Busby sent you!)

xoxo, The birthday boys! Raymond and Busby


  1. Happy Birthday beautiful boys. Yoo were adorable babies and yoo are handsome mancats now. It was lovely reading yoor story ~ what a great job the rescue folks did. And wasn't yoor momma and Leo adorable? Let's celebrate!

  2. You two were utterly precious babies! No wonder your humans adopted you - how could they resist! Happy, happy birthday!

  3. Happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dear Friends! We loved seeing your baby pictures and also your beautiful Mom and your sweet brother, Leo. We are so glad you are all happy, and we are very glad to count you among our friends!

    Purrs, Woofs and Hugs,
    The Chans, Tommy and #1

  4. Happy birthday boys! You were both adorable babies, no wonder your mums couldn't resist you.

  5. HAPPY PURRDAY YOU TWO~!!! What a fantastical story of how you landed your furrever home! You were such CUTE little tykes and grew up to be such HANDSOME dudes!!! Wishing you MANY more and hoping that you get lots of YUMS today~!! Oh yeah..lots of toys too!

  6. Happy birthday Raymond and Busby! You two are and were adorable! Have a fabulous day!

  7. Happy Purrfday! you two were too cute for werds!

  8. A very happy 6th birthday to you both! Our mom just about fainted at your baby pics--SO adorable!

    We wish you many, many more happy and healthy years to come. Big kisses to you both!

  9. Happy Birthday Boys!! Loved seeing your baby pictures, and hearing your story. Enjoy your day!

  10. Happy Birthday boys!!! Oh my gosh you were adorable kittens and have grown into such handsome mancats! I liked hearing your story and I am so glad that your mum and brother got safe, happy homes too :-) I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with all the things you love!!!

  11. Happy Birthday gorgeous boys!...We loved your story and adorable photos...We hope you guys get lots of extra cuddles and treats today...Kisses, sweet, handsome friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. Happy birthday, you gorgeous Mancats! Hope you get all the raw food and treats you deserve today!

    (BTW, your mom is adorable! Must be where you got your good looks.)

  13. Happy Birthday to both you handsome boys!

  14. Happy Purrfday Boys!!!! What gorgeous fotos of yur early days!

    Luf, Us

  15. Happy Birthday, Bus!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Ray!!!!!!!

    We hope you both have many, many, many more.

    Wonderful fotos!!!!! You were such cuties, and are now such handsome dudes. We are so very thankful for your friendship. xxxxxxxx

  16. Happy Birthday Boys! You just about KILLED Mommy with your cute kitten pictures. We see you got your good looks from your Mama, she is a lovely LadyCat. Smooches from Mommy and Birthday Purrs from alla us...have a fantastic day!

  17. Happy Purtthday boys! You guys were such precious babies and grew into handsome mancats!

  18. Happy Purrthday! We'z jellus, none of us haf a "real" brofur or sisfur here, but, we is a fambly anyway.

  19. How absolutely wonderful!
    We loved your story and we were so happy to see pictures of you from 6 years ago.
    Happy Purrday to two handsome Mancats!


  20. Happy Birthday boys - that was a great story and we are so glad you two are still together!

  21. Happy Birthday, Raymond and Busby! We love your story. What adorable kittens you were, and what handsome mancats you've grown up to be. We are thankful for your friendship, and wish you the happiest and most wonderful of days. :)

  22. Happy birthdays, Raymond and Busby! Your bebbeh photos are totally adorable. I hope you have a super-duper day filled with hugs and kisses and treats and toys!

  23. Happiest of birthdays!! I could look at those cute little baby pictures all day long!

  24. Happy 6th Birthday to our cool friends on the other coast!! Busby & Raymond,we loved your story and baby pics :) Have a super birthday!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  25. Oh, your Mom is a very pretty kitty :) No wonder you two look SO good,heehee
    We are happy (but not surprised) that your Mom & Leo got good homes too :)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  26. How fun to have all those good memories! I'm glad your cat mom and other bro got homes, too. And I'm especially glad you guys are part of our cat neighborhood! Happy birthday, boys!!

  27. Happy Birthday, Busby and Raymond!! What a couple of cuties you were! We hope you have a great day!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  28. Happy Birthday, Raymond and Busby! You were sooo cute as baby kittens, it must be really nice to grow up with your littermate and brother! Purrr purrr purrr
    Hope you get spoilt rotten!
    Lots of hugs and purrrs, Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla & Yuji

  29. OMC! Momma is squeeeeeeeeeing MOL

    You two were so cute as baby kittehs and so cute still my sweet furriends!

    Happy Purrthday!! *nosetaps*

  30. I am very late in getting my birthday greetings to you both. I don't know how your moms gotta outta there with only TWO of you! Gorgeous kitties all around!

    Happiest of Firbday's to you both!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan


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