Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday: More Stuff about Stuff

 Hi friends! We received another package last week. This one was from our pals at the CSN Stores.  They sent us a gift code and we told them we would do some product reviews. 
Today we are reviewing the Omega Paw Scratch 'n Massage Bed.  
 This cat pictured on the box must be REALLY tiny, because there is no way the Scratch 'n Massage Bed can fit a regular sized cat. 
Here it is, out of the box. It's very basic. It's like a box lid with some rippled card board inside. It doesn't come with catnip or anything to attract a cat to it.
HOW the HECK am I supposed to lay down in this thing?
Hmmm. Busby, your tail is more interesting than this Scratch 'n Massage Bed. 
If you look closely,
you can see Raymond's unsolicited 

opinion of this product. 
The box it shipped in is FAR 
more fun to play with!

We personally do not care much for the Omega Paw Scratch 'n Massage Bed. Mom sprinkled some catnip in it which we licked up and that was about it. Raymond scratched at it a little bit last night, but otherwise it is not getting our attention at all. We do want to mention that the 

Omega bed is made with 98% 
post-consumer recycled materials. 
That part makes us happy.

Have a great Tuesday friends!
xoxo, Raymond and Busby

pee ess: For those who asked,
Raymond's nickname is "Sleeky Shrimp". 

Or "Ray Ray" or "Hey, don't pee on the bed!"


  1. I would probably fit in the Scratch 'n Massage bed, but I would also probably like the box better! It doesn't seem to have any style or real scratchability. I think you two are paws-on with your review.

  2. Oh, it would probably be too small for us too!
    We enjoyed your review, especially the part where you said you like the box better! Mawhawhaw!

  3. We've actually had one of those for a few years; our mom found it on sale at Petsmart. Annie uses it all the time--mostly to lie in. Sometimes Derry too. Nicki ignores it entirely.

  4. It is probably big enough for me since I am a little girl!

  5. It looks like that Scratch and Massage bed is meant to be a more stylish version of a cardboard box for cats to lie in, for people who don't want to just have an actual box kicking around. But if it is mail - ordered, it comes in a box too! Which, as you say, is better than the thing itself.

    We appreciate your honest opinion, even if CSN stores might not be happy it is a bit negative.

  6. Well, it does not look very massage-y for a Scratch and Massage bed!

  7. We had a scratcher like that, but Deli loved it so much that it was cardboard dust in a matter of a couple of weeks!

    We love your nicknames for Raymond!

  8. Great review Raymond and Busby!!! I'm wondering if any of the 9 of us would like it!

  9. Tamir would never fit in that but Ellie and Allie might.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  10. Raymond's nicknames are very interesting indeed...
    Now, are there any nicknames for Busby?

    Well, doing great at the review.
    Too bad we don't get CSN here!

  11. We fink we'd prefer the box it came in too!

  12. Thanks for reviewing this product...it's always great to see if it will be worth the money or not...seems like in this case, not would be the correct answer :)

  13. My cats would be too big for it. Course Big Al sits in his shoebox so what am I saying. Thanks for the review ...

  14. Hey guys, we got one of those things...mom bought it at Petco awhile back and while we don't use it all the time, I kinda like it. Mom sprinkles catnip on it and I like rolling around on it. I've actually napped in it too....

    You might want to give it another try!


  15. Excellent product review, very helpful information!

  16. We KNOW Tiny Johnson would like that! Just THINK of the smash factor he could achieve in there! Mommy may have to get one.

  17. Terrific review guys.
    We think you should more of them!


  18. That is a purry good reevew. We like to do our claws on cardboard but it looks like that bed was smooth. So that wood be no good. Meow!


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