Friday, December 3, 2010

Thursday Stroll in Capitola, CA

Hello friends! Before we begin our stroll, we wanted to give you our Christmas cards! This first one is for all of you who use Blogger. Please copy it and put it on your sidebar with our best wishes for a happy holiday!

This second card is for all of our friends who use WordPress! We'd be so happy to exchange cards with you here online. (we think Milo and Alfie are brilliant to mention it!) It's greener (no paper) and less expensive (no postage), so it's a good way to spread the Christmas cheer!

Now let's take a stroll in our hometown of Capitola, CA. This is our neighbor's frog. He is always dressed for the holidays. He was wearing a Pilgrim hat for Thanksgiving when we took our stroll. 

The trees are changing color and dropping their leaves. We definitely have four distinct seasons here on the central coast of California. We love it. 

It has been VERY cold here and as you can see, this ivy had quite a bit of FROST on it. Brrrrrr!

Here is Monterey Bay. It was a very clear morning and you can see across the bay to Pacific Grove, Carmel and Big Sur. 

Our town has a bandstand by the beach. On Wednesday nights during the tourist season there are free concerts. Tourist season lasts from May until September. (we are glad when it's over!)

This is Capitola beach looking towards the wharf. In the old days trees that were cut down in the Santa Cruz mountains were brought to this wharf to be shipped to San Francisco to build homes. 

This is the view across the bay. You can see the mountains that lie between Monterey and Big Sur. This is the Santa Lucia Mountain range. 

Here are some Ginko leaves that have turned bright yellow. So pretty!

On the way back home, we have to stop at Gayle's Bakery, which is a local landmark. They had this beautiful cake on display. We want to wish all of our Jewish friends a very Happy Chanukah! 

We hope you enjoyed this stroll in our little town! Have a terrific Thursday friends. xoxo, Raymond and Busby


  1. My human loves your town! She thinks it is much nicer than where her father lives (the Morro Bay/Los Osos area). She thinks that when he retired, he should have either stayed closer to L.A. and moved to Ojai, or moved farther up the coast.

  2. We love your town too. Grandma and the biped used to go there so much that they made friend with a lady at one of the motels. She'd call the biped and tell her it was time to take a sick day and come for a visit.

  3. It's very nice to see more about where you live!

  4. WE love learning more about where our pals live!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  5. That was fun, Ray and Busby!! Thanks for taking us on your stroll with you. You live in a very pretty place!!

  6. That was a terrific tour! Oh, to live in a temperate climate. LOL.

    BTW, the mom says to tell you guys the floor is a floating laminate floor, laid by a friend's dad a number of years ago, and it has a bit too much float--she always has to kick half a dozen or so of the "boards" back together. :-P Eventually she wants to get rid of all the carpet upstairs too, but for some reason there always seem to be vet bills to pay off.....

  7. You live in a lovely town, and I can't help but giggle at your adorable holiday outfits!

  8. That is just lovely. Grete woofie is wagging her tail begging to be able to take a walkie there!

  9. Thanks for the Christmas card....we will be putting it on our Christmas card page after we finish our visiting today.

    What wonderful pix!!!!!!!!! Our leaves never turn any colors....they just drop off the trees in an ugly brown or tanish color. Our Live Oaks will lose their green leaves in the Spring, and immediately be replaced by new green leaves. Mama says she so misses the colorful Fall leaves.

    We luvsy'all bunches.

  10. Thanks for the tour, your town looks terrific! I like the eCard idea too and yours are great!

  11. We so enjoyed taking that stroll wiv yoo ~ fanks. And we LOVE yoor ChrisMouse card and have snagged it for our blog sidebar.

  12. thank you for the most WONDERFUL holiday card! My Mom posted it right on our bloggie!!!

    That was a wonderful tour you gave us as well....thank you!

    Oh and that Chanukah cake looked DELICIOUS! We have never seen any cake like that here in Michigan!!

  13. What a beautiful town you live in! Thanks for showing us around.

  14. What a beautiful town we love seeing the ocean and hope one day to live near the beach too! Is your town on the PCH? Just wondering because I've driven that highway from San Fran to LA...I suppose I could have passed through without knowing!

  15. SuziQCat, yes, Capitola is on the ocean side of Highway One. They call it the PCH in Southern California, up here we just refer to it as Highway One. You definitely drove right by our exit. We are 90 miles south of San Francisco.

  16. What a beautiful stroll...just breaktaking really.
    And what cute holiday outfits you guys have all ready for Christmas! Now if we can only get Mom to get ready.


  17. You two look green and red today. What did your Mom do ?

    The cake and the walk by the water was fun. Did you buy the cake or just walk by ?

  18. What a great tour, Ray and Busby. Capitola looks as lovely as I remember it (I spent many summers working on my aunt and uncles flower farm in Soquel, and spent lots of time in Capitola)!

    We love your ecard ... we are working on ours (should be done soon). :)

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  20. Thanks for your christmas card I have posted it to my blog :-)

    Gosh I liked your tour, Capitola looks lovely! I have always wanted to go to Big Sur. When Robert and I first got together he asked me to make a list of the top 10 places in the US that I would like to visit. Driving Highway 1/PCH from top to bottom and staying over in small towns along the way is the only thing that is left to do :-)


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