Friday, February 18, 2011

2010 Purrformance Review

Hi friends! Happy Friday! It's time for the Annual PurrFurMance Review. A big thanks to the girls at Zoolatry for facilitating this annual blogosphere event. Now, let's get down to business, shall we?

1) Quantity of Output: We gave Mom a low rating. She and our non-blog Mom took off for a week last August to go to New York City  and closed our blog down that whole week. There was also a "break" around Christmas time this past year. Come on Mom! Cat blogs shouldn't take breaks! We don't care that you got a new job and are out of the house most of the day. No more breaks!

2) Quality of Output: Hmmm, another low rating. Some of the photos Mom used last year were taken with her CELL PHONE! There were also numerous photos of us sticking out our tongues or in other unflattering poses. Plus we happen to KNOW Mom looks forward to "Wordless Wednesday" so that she doesn't have to type any words. Duhr. She really needs improvement in this area. 

3) Client Participation: Mom gets two paws up here. Our email address is posted on our blog, plus she simplified our comments so that they don't require the dreaded "word verification" anymore. We withheld the highest grade here because "our" email address doesn't use OUR names. 

4) Participation: Two paws up here. Mom is pretty good about entering us in contests, and letting us play with other members of the blogosphere. However, when WE do a CSN gift code giveaway on OUR blog, she never let's us enter our own contest. What's that about? We have noticed that since Mom started working, we are getting less time to visit other blogs. We're pressuring her to improve in that area!

5) Client Satisfaction: We left this one marked as "incomplete" because we think that our readers should be the judges of whether or not they are contented with what they see and read on our bloggie. So let us know, friends!

Overall: There are OBVIOUS areas where Mom needs improvement. Perhaps she should start by using the camera more and the iPhone camera less? More flattering photos of us would be nice, fewer of those shots of us asleep. We think she should take less "breaks" from blogging too. We should be blogging every single day, maybe even TWICE a day! All in all, we give Mom a Two Paws Minus grade, and hope she does better this year!

Have a good Friday friends. We are eager to read your reviews too!

xoxo, Raymond and Busby


  1. Woaw ! Very Very Tough here !!! You guys are so brave to gave her this reviews. I didn't dare with my mom. She might end up do sooky la la : )


  2. I think you guys are being pretty fair - unless you give humans low ratings for things like doing too much of the "work" thing or running off on "vacations," how will they know that they are wrong?

  3. Our verdict: TUFF but kind! Yoo gotta keep these beans under control! MOL!

  4. That was a very fair review of your mum. Mine did not do as well.

  5. You guys are hard graders!! But as to client satifaction, we give you an H because we love visiting you guys!!

  6. You get an "H" for Client Satisfaction from us!

  7. Blogging TWICE a day!! Sooooo unfair!!! That is almost not possible!! My Mom has a hard time keeping up with blogs that post more than once a day! xoxo
    Your Mom should come over and have a cell phone photo session with my Mom! MOL!!
    We think your Mom should get mostly pluses cause she does a great job!

  8. You guys are tough...we think you do a great job and enjoy all the post and photos, even if they are from the cell phone. 4 paws for client satisfaction from this reader!

  9. Good for you for calling her out for shutting down the blog for vacations and stuff. It's time your mom learns about autoposting in advance. It's only fair that you get to keep your adorable faces...and coffee bean paw pads posted everyday no matter what!

  10. Boys, we think you are being far too harsh here! We love your blog and we believe in forgiveness as long as it is associated with suitcases on return that are crammed with toys and treats!

    The Chans

  11. We love to come and visit you...when you're here...hahahaha!!! Twice a day would be fantastic!
    What Mommy?
    Oh, we suppose you guys like to eat so your Moms have to work and stuff. Nevermind.
    But the vacation have to stop. Srsly.

  12. I think you and your Mom do a great job and you get high paws from all of us!

  13. We sure like that review, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  14. Oh, Boys, you have been somewhat tough on Mom. However, it does give her a wake up call, and that can only lead (hopefully) to more of what you want blogging-wise. But I did notice you and I were tougher than a lot of the other catbloggers in our reviews. I think they are sucking up for treats.

  15. Ah you boys are tough on your mum! But your review sure made me smile!

  16. Ray and Busby we love your blog and we especially love your pictures. We thought that your pictures are fabulous! We second you blogging twice a day. I wonder if we could talk our Mom into that? Well at least we try to make sure she knows to blog daily. She slacked off once and we mewed at her so much she decided to get back into the saddle and do our blogging the right way.


  17. I think you are very fair, Boys. We can't just hand out the A's, right? If we did, they'd have no motivation to improve!

    Oh! My Human knows where all those places are that you lived! She lives in the Inner Sunset on a little street called Hugo. I like our street because when I sit in my favorite place on my Tower there are interesting people to watch.

  18. Hee! Hee! OH, this is the funniest thing I've read in a while! I must get my human to do this too!!

    Oh - and I LOVE your blog!! So for the Client Satisfaction bit, I give you 10 paws!!!

    Honey the Great Dane

  19. Oh boys...your mom does better than some and not as good as others...isn't that always the way? Teri said we were too rough on her, too. She said she posted 191 times on our blog and only 31 times on her human one...guess we were a bit tough!


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