Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tocks on Thursday

It's Autumn and the garden isn't doing much. Since it's TOCKtober we thought we would start doing "Tocks on Thursday" for awhile. Here's a nice shot of my fine, manly tocks. 

In other news, Mom feels pretty embarrassed that she hasn't helped us cruise the blogosphere lately. We won't list her excuses, but she has quite a few. Please know that we love you all and will try to be better friends when things calm down around here. 

Happy Tock-Thursday! xoxo, Busby


  1. Hey, I heard it was your birthdays today!!!! Happy Birthday Raymond and Busby!

    We totally understand about slacking'd think their need to earn money should come before our blogs....slackers!!!

    Um..and that photo does kinda make your butt look big. Just kinda.

  2. Busby, what kind of wide angle did your human use to shoot that - it seriously does make your butt look big!

  3. Ummm, Busby, I hate to mention this, but yours butt might look a tad larger in this latest shot.
    O, and Happy Birfday to you bof, Raymond and Busby!
    Love & Purrs,

  4. Busby ! I heard from CBD today is your impawtant day !!!!!
    Happy Happy Birthday Busby and Raymond !!!!
    I hope you have a wonderful day with your mommy !!!!

  5. Great tocks fur sure!

    Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to you two!!!

  6. Wow, Busby! Those are 'tocks to be proud of!! Hey, we hear it's yours and Ray's birthday today. Happy Birthday, boys!! It's our mom's birthday too!!)

  7. Hi Busby! We saw on the Blogosphere that it was you and your bro's birthdays today. Hope you guys are having a great day, and that you get some special treats and scritches.


    Tasha & Buddy

  8. Pawsome 'tocks, Busby! Happy birthday to you and Raymond. We hope you guys and your moms have a wonderful day, filled with all the things you love most. :)

  9. Happy birthday to you both!

    We have to agree that the angle of that pic does make your butt look a little wider than it really is...just a tad. :-)

  10. Great 'tocks!!! Plus we heard it was your Birfdays!! We hope your busy mom takes a minute to breath and then find you some extra treats!!

  11. Busby asks, "Does this fur make my butt look big?"
    Ha ha ha ha ha!

  12. (sighs) we understand about not getting to visit. Happy Birthday Raymond & Busby.

  13. So it's Happee tock day? BOL
    Benny & Lily

  14. Happy Birthday, Raymond & Busby. Good to know you're both okay and celebrating a special day together.

  15. Great 'tocks, Busby, but much more important: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS!!!

    The Chans

  16. Happy Birthday, Raymond & Busby. Errr that pic really does show off your (a tad wide) 'tocks. Have a great birthday!

    Laura and Taffy

  17. Happy, Happy Birthday, Raymond and Busby! Wishing you lots of love and treats.

  18. Happy Birthday Busby and Raymond. We won't make any comments about being a day late for Widebody Wednesday. We will just say nice 'tocks.

  19. Happy Birthday Raymond and Busby! We like your 'tock picture!

    Luf, Us

  20. It's ur Birfday??? How did I miss that? Well, Happy Birfday, Boys ;-)

  21. Happy Purrrrthday, Raymond & Busby. We hope you had a great day with lots of treats and cuddles. Or at least, that your beans remember this WAS your purrrthday.

  22. Great Tocks!!!!
    Happy purrday boys and many many more.

  23. Busby, all we can say is that the view from here is nice!! Very nice ;) heehee
    Happy Birthday too!!!!!!!! You share a birthday with our Mom's Mom !!!
    Be sure to get spoiled,K??!!!!!

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  24. DUDES!!! Par--TAY! Hope your mom has given you the best 'nip, headbonks and lovin'! Hey, don't worry about your mom not doing much visitin'--I'm trying to get Tommy back in gear!! Happy birthday!!

  25. Hey, are there a couple Purrthday boys around here? We stopped by to say have a great day & lots of treats. Hope you have lots of fun!

  26. Great tocks! Happy Birthday guys!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  27. Wow!! Those are some cute tocks!! And Happy Birthday, too!!
    Your TX furiends,


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