Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Dibs & Dabs

Mom had a long day at work and then the commute home was very slow. We have a lot of traffic here due to some big golf tournament down in Pebble Beach this weekend. Extra cars on the road. So she didn't get our Thursday stroll post done. Duh. I think I will just lay here on the couch & stare at the back of Mom's head.

Happy Thursday Friends!

XO, Busby


  1. Whatever you do, you sure look great doing it!

    Purrs Lars and Odin

  2. Aren't you glad that kitties don't have to deal with traffic jams, Busby?

  3. Aw, you should cut your mom some slack and go give her a cuddle. Traffic jams are no least that's what our mom tells us.

  4. Wow, a human that works for my Dad just came back from playing in a golf tournament at Pebble!

  5. Traffic jams seem to wear down our humans, too, Busby. What the heck?

  6. Meredith does the same thing. I pet her from time to time but she loves the top of the couch.


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