Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Your Tuesday Tonkinese: True Confessions

Hi friends! I wasn't going to talk about this, but decided I should.

This past Thursday night I was snooping, um, I mean, EXPLORING on the counter top and discovered that Mom had forgotten to put away her lunch bag. Her lunch bag is a paper bag from a shoe store and it has handles on it. She re-uses it everyday and ALWAYS puts it away when she gets home from work. However, she was not feeling well on Thursday when she got home so she forgot to put it away. I bet you can guess what happened next. YEP, the handles got stuck around my neck. I jumped off the counter and went running at top speed through the house with the BAG MONSTER chasing me. I scared the heck out of Andrés*, you know, Raymond (he ran and hid under the bed) and I scared the heck out of my Moms too!
They jumped out of bed and managed to catch me and get the bag off my neck. I was FREAKED out! In my haste I broke one of my claws and was bleeding a little bit. (Thank goodness they had trimmed my claws the night before, I never thought I would be GLAD my nails had been trimmed!) They sat with me and calmed me down and even gave me some catnip. (which helped a lot!) The lunch bag was pretty much destroyed and went into the recycle bin. Mom felt just horrible! It's taken Raymond and I a couple days to get back to normal. All weekend we kept looking around for that BAG MONSTER.
I guess the lesson from this incident is that even if your humans are really good at taking care of you, and are very careful about your surroundings, sometimes accidents can still happen. My Moms have decided to take a Pet First Aid course at the American Red Cross. They offer the classes once a month at our local chapter, and maybe at YOUR local chapter too.
Meanwhile, watch out for those bag handles! They have been banned from our house!
xoxo, Busby
*Ray wants me to call him Andrés all week. It's a World Cup thing.


  1. Oh Busby, that sounds so scary! I once got my head caught in a plastic bag's handles and got chased by the plastic bag monster, but it wasn't as traumatic as your incident (in fact, my human laughed a little at me, which was kind of insulting). Bag handles are evil. I think taking a Pet First Aid course is a great idea. I think I will suggest it to my human.

  2. We know about that here, read this about my little sister...

  3. I am glad it all worked out okay in the end, Busby. That sounds like a terrifying experience. Did the food containers follow along with the bag monster too?

  4. DUDE! I'm glad you're OK. I would be scared of that BAG Monster too. And glad your Moms are taking extra good care of you!! And ya know, I'm glad you 'confessed'--it helps the rest of watch what we're doing---no matter how much we want to "explore"


  5. Busby, we're glad you're okay after that horrible incident with the bag monster!! And thanks for reminding all of us that those bag monsters do exist so we hafta be careful. What a great idea of your humans taking a pet first aid course. We're gonna have our mom look into doing that too so she can protect us from bag monsters....

  6. Those Bag Monsters are scary. That happened to Ally once too. We're glad you're okay.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  7. Whew! What a horribly scary experience for everyone. We're glad you're okay now, Busby.

    You're right, accidents can happen even to the most diligent of humans. It's an excellent idea for your moms to take a pet first aid course.

    Purrs and kitty kisses and healing Light to all!

  8. Busby, sending hugs to you today, since you've had such a stressful week. First your WC team losing and now this Bag Monster attack. Maybe you can weasel some extra treats or stinky goodness from your moms!

  9. Oh, Busby, I can totally relate to the Bag Monster and the horror you went through. Several years ago I crawled into a plastic bag...mama usually doesn't leave them laying around, but slipped up this time.

    I curled up in that bag and somehow got myself stuck in it.......I couldn't get out......it was over my head and I couldn't see where I was going.....I ran around the house like a crazy cat with mama trying to catch me to release me from the Bag Monster......I even ran head first into one of the dining room windows and broke the window!!!!!! Thankfully it was the window and not my head that got broken!!!!!!!

    Mama finally saved me and calmed me down, but I've NEVER gone near a plastic bag since then!!!!!!!



  10. that is a GREAT idea about the first aid courses... must get my mommeh to look into it and see if they offer it around here. sorreh you gotted scared, it has happened to us all i thinks.

  11. Our little dingle-cat Gracie got into a plastic bag that was sitting in the living room, and the handles got stuck on her head. We heard a commotion coming from downstairs, and by the time we got out of bed to investigate, she and Pepper were tearing through the house at top speed--both of them terrified! We finally got the bag off of Gracie's head when she ran under the dresser, trying to escape from the evil bag monster. She got so scared that she peed a little bit in the bag--poor girl.

    Meanwhile, Pepper was so frightened that she let me pick her up without a fuss. I put her on the bed so she could do some kneading (her favorite comfort activity) and she squeezed her (rather large) way into Tim's pillowcase. Her eyes were so wide...poor girl. She hates plastic bags, and she hates being chased around the house by Grace.

    Lily, meanwhile, just sat off to the side and watched the mayhem.

  12. Oh no, Bus, that bag monster is pretty scary, especially when he chases you through the house!...We're so glad your Moms were awake and saved you, sweetie=they are heroines for sure!...Hope your claw is feeling better beautiful boy...Kisses and hugs to you and Andres...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. Blogger ate our comments-- TWICE with that mean 503 error...


    But Busby we are so sorry you had such a bad encounter with the mean old BAG MONSTER. We are glad you Mom was there to rescue you and calm you down. We hope your paws and claws are all ok now. We are just glad you are safe.


  14. Wow that must have been super scary! I hope your claw isn't too sore and gets better soon.

  15. Oh Busby! We feel terrible for you, that must have been VERREH scary. All bags have their handles removed at our house, and plastic bags go into the recycle bin ASAP.

    BTW--Mommy says her class was a gut-"wrenching" nightmare! LOL!

  16. oh what a terrible incident you suffered, all for just doing a little exploring. It happens. Last week I got Lizzie's PT bag handles stuck on my and it chased me around. Scary!!
    and there were no crumbs.

    you look like you need some more nip Busby.

    bonks to all of you for surviving this traumatic evening and I hope your mom gets better from feeling crummy

  17. Oah MY GOD!!!!
    I am glad you are doing okay right now!!!

  18. Oh goodness, that same thing happened to one of my Mommeh's cats-who-came-before named Cricket. He stuck his head into a gift bag, and the handle went around his neck in the middle of the night. He was racing up and down the stairs and all around the house and the bag clattering behind him. Luckily, our mom got it off and she had to cuddle with him for hours before he calmed down. It makes me skerred to imagine what would have happened if she wasn't home when it happened!

    I hope you are feeling better now!

  19. Uh oh Busby! I've done that before and now those silly bags aren't allowed...or mom cuts off their evil handles. Glad you are ok!

    I just teleported back from France...but you don't have to call me anything but Cory since there are no girls in the Tour de France! Shocking! I may head back there for another visit before the Tour is over.

  20. OH noes!! Da bag monster is no funs at all my furriends! I so sorry dat happened to you Busby. I is glad to hears your momma got you and dey calmed you down.


  21. Poor you! That is one of the PM's biggest fear. Glad your moms were there to take care of it ASAP!


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